Retro Phone Type Crossword Answers


Sometimes clues in the NY Times Mini Crossword will have multiple solutions, as each day the puzzles are published can have different answers than when initially published. To assist with solving Retro phone-type clues, here is a list of possible solutions used in previous puzzles.

Some answers to puzzles are reversal clues, in which reversing an answer word creates something else when switched; for instance, RATS (“tells,” as in spying) results when changed from the word STAR (“asterisk”). Reversals also include words that can be written backward (like COUNTRY and RUSH). Finally, certain clues will consist of indicators like back, returned, or from the east that suggest how you should spell the answer word.

Pattern clues provide another form of cryptic puzzle solving; here, the solution lies within a pattern of letters that a solver must decipher. An example would be the “Thump Index,” where one letter needs to be provided in each box of a four-box grid – similar to deciphering cryptograms where all correct letters must be provided for proper fill-in of the grid.


Some crossword clues have multiple answers, making the puzzle more challenging than anticipated. For instance, “Retro type of phone” could refer to either an old-fashioned telephone or even describe specific models of smartphones or cell phones – this makes reading all possible answers essential before selecting one as your answer choice.

Words with two distinct definitions can be tricky to solve; an example would be “melodious to the ear,” which could mean either sweet or music. Sometimes these clues even feature puns; for instance, in one Sunday Telegraph puzzle featuring Tom Hanks’ movie BI(KIN)G as its theme, the answer includes both petting and biking – making for an incredibly challenging puzzle to crack!

This page provides answers for the NYT Mini crossword puzzle Retro type of phone, last seen November 17, 2023. There is only one possible solution; if you need help figuring out any clue, check our Daily Themed Crosswords Answers page instead.


Retro phone type has appeared multiple times in New York Times puzzles, and as with every NYT puzzle, its answers often change each time it is released; this is because puzzle constructors want to challenge players by using as few known answers as possible – helping prevent players from coming up with repeated solutions to it.

This clue first made its debut in an NYT Mini puzzle on November 17, 2023, and has since appeared in multiple other puzzles, from crossword to word games and crossword roti. Most frequently seen in Mini puzzles, it can also appear elsewhere, such as different NYT puzzles or word games, with its probable basis in actual events or popular culture, making solving more entertaining and enjoyable.

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This puzzle features a retro phone type with three buttons and six letters, known as a telephone trio. If you would like to test your hand at solving it, download and play this game from this site – available both for PC and Mac computers with easy installation processes that offer trial versions to try it out or subscriptions to gain full access – all available now until May 4th, 2018. Additionally, they provide crossword puzzles, including NYT Daily Crossword.