Best Rivian Phone Mount

Compatible with iPhone 12 & newer

Keep your iPhone within easy reach when driving with this Rivian R1T phone mount that clips directly onto the air vent. Fully adjustable, this mount lets you position its holder and arm according to what works best for you while remaining fastened securely – meaning no accidental drops!

Brodit’s MagSafe car mount is one of the strongest on the market. Easily hold any iPhone even with a case on, and compatible with MagSafe charging – snap your iPhone into its holder before connecting it to your MagSafe charger for reliable wireless charging while driving.

It may be more expensive than the other mounts on this list, but this Rivian phone mount remains a reliable and sturdy choice. It fits into an air vent so as to not obstruct your view while driving and is designed to work with all iPhone models.

iOttie’s MagSafe car mount is another fantastic addition to your Rivian. Compatible with all iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 and 14 Pro Max, this cradle securely holds the iPhone in place while being user-friendly – adjust its angle until it meets your desired viewpoint!

Reliable charging on the go

Utilizing your phone while driving can be both convenient and dangerous. Cellphone use has been linked with up to 27% of fatal car accidents, so drivers must keep their eyes focused on the road at all times. The best Rivian phone mount helps achieve this by keeping your screen visible and easily accessible during your commute.

The Rivian phone mount features a built-in MagSafe charger so that it can charge your iPhone while in its holder. In addition to solid magnets and accommodating camera bumps on iPhone 14 Pro Max devices, this product makes an excellent solution for anyone who uses their phone while driving, especially those needing GPS navigation or listening to music playlists while they go.

Attaching your phone to the windshield with a suction cup can also be an economical and safe solution, though this approach should only be done under careful consideration as strong winds could blow it around and become hazardous if wind-blown debris blows it around in response. Furthermore, windshield mounts could cause your heater system to overheat, potentially impacting battery performance negatively.

If you want a safer option, clipping your phone securely to the dashboard may be better. Not only is this more secure, but you don’t need a windshield wiper for it either – you could even get magnetic phone mounts that allow charging of devices while they are mounted!

Install a hardwired charging station as another method for maintaining phone charging while driving. The OpenSourceEV Power Kit can act as a drop-in replacement for the stock pad, providing two high-power USB-A ports. However, you will need to find a DC fast charger capable of supporting such power; unfortunately, most in the US cannot. You might have to wait for one that caters specifically to Rivian drivers before proceeding with this route.

Easy to install

Rivian mounts directly to the dash center of your car using a mounting base that snaps into seams on its dashboard for maximum versatility while not interfering with your driving experience. For a more straightforward yet more direct solution, our Bolted Phone Mount offers another alternative – drilling two small holes and bolting its base directly into your vehicle (see our install guide for all the details).