Pearl Business Cards – Strong and Stylish

Create business cards with pearl business cards featuring an exquisite sheen that exudes style and strength. Pearl cards offer elegance and power – the perfect additions to your branding strategy!

Our 14pt metallic pearl paper stock is packed with pearl fibers for an eye-catching effect and works best for lighter color designs. Perfect for boutiques, hair salons, and jewelry stores alike!

Pearl Paper

Pearl paper is an exclusive stock with a subtly shimmering surface, made of fibers embedded with iridescence that show up as tiny metallic flecks when printed upon. As a result, any areas left without ink appear like they’ve been lightly dusted with silver dust for an eye-catching, lustrous effect that commands attention.

Luminescent paper makes striking business cards that will get noticed. You can use your design or one of our templates designed specifically for this material to showcase your best work and stand out from competitors.

This paper’s unique qualities make it the perfect solution for bringing digital photos to life in beautiful, high-resolution print form. Its premium inkjet coating has been optimized for fine art printing, creating elegant shine and deep blacks with vibrant colors for fine art reproductions. Furthermore, this acid-free and lignin-free paper meets all age resistance standards set forth by age testing labs.

Feel the luxurious metallic appearance and smooth finish of our 14pt paper stock for business cards with this luxurious 14pt paper stock featuring its metallic look. It works exceptionally well when using light or pastel tones of ink colors; it also makes an impressive print solution! Ideal for everything from invitations to hangtags!

Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Paper is a high-quality photo paper providing images with an extra dimension of depth and warmth. Pearly mica crystals add their distinctive luster and depth while offering vivid tonality and excellent image preservation.

Pearl Metallic Cardstock is an increasingly popular choice for wedding stationery. Combined with the correct ink and design, its luxurious effect will leave guests remembering your big day for years. Our most popular print products incorporating this luxurious stock include Postcards (ideal for invitations, RSVP cards, and table settings), Business Cards to help your brand stand out, and Table Tent Cards.

This paper is the perfect choice to leave an unforgettable and lasting impression at any event, thanks to its vibrant sheen that draws the eye while its textural depth gives your design depth.

Pearl Metallic

The 14 pt pearl metallic paper stock features shimmering metallic paper that sparkles beautifully when exposed to light. Made with pearl fibers for an ultra-smooth surface finish, this shimmery metallic stock is best used in light-color designs, as its unique effects can stand out against dense ink coverage or densities. Heavy ink densities may reduce its brilliance.

Car paint color selection is more than aesthetic; it reveals who we are as individuals. Your preference might range from the subtle allure of pearl to bold metallics; no matter your choice, your selection tells a story about you as an individual, as well as cultural influences, vehicle resale value, and maintenance costs.

Pearl Metallic business cards add a sparkly pearlescent shimmer to any design, making an eye-catching impression and leaving customers wanting more! Ideal for beauty salons, spas, and premium jewelry production companies. Pearl Metallic business cards make a lasting first impression that will have them returning for more.

Pearl Metallic business cards feature rounded corners to complement their metallic sheen and make for a striking alternative to standard pearl business cards. Our Pearl Metallic paper also makes an excellent option for invitations, announcements, hang tags, postcards, and sell sheets!

Metallic is distinct from pearl in that it contains silver metal flake mixed into its base coat for its shimmery, rich hue. These metallic flakes reflect and change colors depending on their environment, creating an eye-catching iridescence effect. Honda Nighthawk, black pearl paint, provides an example of this effect; although it appears blue at certain lights, its true hue is dark blue; when contrasted against its white pearl and black background, this shows off the metallic’s vibrant iridescence hues beautifully.

Pearl Foil

If you want your business card to sparkle and shine, consider adding pearl foil. This particular stock is natural, uncoated paper certified as FSC, which adds a classic but contemporary aesthetic. Pearl foil creates an appealing translucent shimmering sheen, which gives a high-end and custom touch to the paper surface and finishes off any card with style.

Our 14pt metallic pearl card shimmers under the light, adding an eye-catching and elegant touch to your business cards. It works best with lighter hues, reflecting and amplifying any CMYK designs printed onto it; however, heavy ink densities or coverage could potentially diminish this effect.

Foil stamping is a cost-effective and customizable solution to give your business card an exclusive appearance. It adds a luxurious finish, perfect for businesses that wish to leave an impactful first impression on their clients and customers. Plus, its text and graphics stand out against competing materials – including metal and paper surfaces!

Foil stamping business cards is an exciting way to show off your personality and brand while making contact details easily visible. Our pre-designed templates make this process quick and straightforward; upload your design for even greater personalization! Creating glittery cards that stand out is now possible, thanks to foil stamping! With multiple glittery templates or upload your own, foil-stamped business cards make for eye-catching marketing collaterals – perfect for showing off who you are in any hand while simultaneously making sure contact details remain accessible and visible!

Pearl foil business cards will instantly draw clients’ eyes to them, making an impressionful statement about your industry, business, or product. Our pearl foil cards make an excellent choice for cosmetics & skincare industries, beauty salons & spas, premium jewelry productions, or any sector wanting to leave an everlasting mark with their clients.

Pearl foil can add shimmer to products like wedding invitations and hang tags, making them shine like never before! We suggest applying the foil on the unattractive side, then placing it with its pretty side up to not expose its adhesive to water or other elements that could degrade it further. Use a soft rag or scrub brush to rub the glue until it sets, and you are ready to use your finished product!

Pearl Matte

Pearl matte photo finishes provide an elegant, sophisticated finish for photos with a soft luster that highlights colors and details in your pictures. They add warmth, depth, and high saturation and minimize glare and reflection – ideal for portraits and landscape photography in bright lighting environments.

Your photo finish depends on personal taste and the images that need printing. The glossy paper offers high levels of gloss while matte is flat like paint; pearl offers the advantages of both. Pearl provides the ideal blend between front and semi-shine that gives prints more contrast than matte but is less likely to show fingerprints than glossy paper.

Pearl cards from our collection feature a particular stock that shimmers and glistens when seen from various angles, adding an eye-catching dimension to your design that sets it apart from its competitors’ business cards. Infused with pearl fibers for an eye-catching metallic sheen that works exceptionally well on lighter hues. Our pearl cards add another element of surprise to every view!

Pearl business cards are the ideal choice for luxurious brands and businesses looking to leave an indelible mark on their clients. Perfect for wedding planners, beauty salons, boutiques, and jewelry stores; also great as invitations, hang tags, and postcards!

Custom picture prints are a classic way to bring life and meaning back into your favorite photos, whether making an album wall, framing memories, or sharing snaps with family and friends. Our wide range of photo printing solutions guarantees there will be one suitable to meet both your budget and aesthetic requirements.

One of the most sought-after types of photographic prints is glossy, matte, and pearl prints. Each type offers its own advantages when creating an appealing overall aesthetic; glossy may work best for vivid, colorful photos, while matte provides an elegant classic vibe. Selecting the appropriate finish for your prints will help them stand out and ensure an appealing and cohesive aesthetic.