My Attitude Is Based On How You Treat Me

Some individuals exhibit toxic behaviors without realizing the damage their actions cause. You can help by calling attention to their harmful habits (if appropriate) and suggesting therapy as a solution for their issues. You could also show support by cheering on their goals and endeavors.

1. I’m not a good listener

Good listeners strive to understand what the person speaking is communicating without interrupting or derailing his train of thought by offering opinions or ideas for a response. Lousy listeners may spend too much time preoccupied with planning how they’ll respond while you speak and miss essential parts of what you are sharing.

Too often, listeners become too focused on thinking about grocery lists, work obligations, or tasks on their to-do lists to listen truly. Furthermore, they fail to paraphrase key talking points from speakers to demonstrate understanding. Instead, they may use phrases like “uh-huh” or nod their head when speaking, but their minds remain elsewhere. Such non-listening leaves others feeling resentful while damaging trust between coworkers or romantic relationships.