How Was Krishna Cured of His Illness?

The godman introduced Krishna to medicinal creeper plants, encouraging him to search for them, unearth their tuberous root, mix it with milk, and drink for five consecutive days – within 24 hours, all his piles had subsided significantly.

Narada Muni was amazed that his godman could provide an effective cure for such an agonizing disease.

The Malayali Sadhu

Sadhu Kochukunju Upadesi was an itinerant preacher, traveling widely to spread the gospel. An exceptional orator, his sermons were full of vivid stories, examples, and personal experience, often mixing humor into his speeches for added entertainment at meetings, usually singing his own composed songs in such gatherings – his ministry flourished throughout Kerala and South India with great success thanks to him; an avid reader with an excellent command of English as well as traveling on trains, buses, taxis or on foot to reach distant areas and preach his sermons!

Krishna approached an old village godman for help treating his piles and was provided a detailed account of a medicinal creeper that could help. Following these instructions, he found this plant, dug out its tuberous root, mixed it with milk, and consumed this herbal medicine daily for five days until his piles began improving and were eventually wholly gone within a few days.

Poornachandra Tejaswi heard Mara’s tale with some doubt, knowing his penchant for tall tales. After some investigation and research, he confirmed that this medicinal creeper actually helped treat his piles effectively.

Mara shared with the author another of his outrageous stories of how he lost one side of his teeth when trying to use medicinal creeper sticks to brush his chompers, leading him to experience tooth loss on that side of his face. According to Mara, brushing with these therapeutic sticks caused this injury.

This story of how a Malayali sadhu treated both himself and others is inspiring, serving as a reminder that our faith can help us face and overcome difficulties and illnesses in life, giving us strength, courage, and appreciation of what we already possess without taking anything for granted.

The Medicinal Creeper

Krishna was suffering from piles. Allopathic medicine was no help and he became terrified at its prospect; therefore he turned to local godman in search of a remedy, who told him there was a plant which could help him; this plant resembled what Mara had spoken of previously.

The narrator decided to conduct an experiment using this plant. He brought it home and planted it in his soil garden before drinking milk mixed with its ground tuber – eventually experiencing relief for his piles and witnessing his heel completely heal itself.

Indians tend to disregard herbal medicines and plants without testing them first, which is an immense flaw in our country. Furthermore, this author laments how knowledge about medicinal plants continues to decline with each generation that passes by.

Mara had been sharing numerous tales about this medicinal creeper with the narrator, each more fantastical than the next. Unfortunately, however, he did not believe these accounts and assumed they were meant to entertain people.

After hearing these tales, he became intrigued with this miraculous plant and sought assistance from Sannappa in finding it. They traveled together back to where they listened to these tales of discovery.

There was once a small plant that resembled betel leaves, with clusters of tiny fruits on each leaf. It was stunning, only appearing during rainy periods.

Mara had tied this tiny plant to a tree to make it visible as a symbol of faith for her village. When the author found out this remarkably little plant had so many properties – even claims of curing diseases! He was eager to see whether its claims held.

The Bark of a Tree

Medicinal creepers possess many therapeutic benefits. These have been utilized for treating various illnesses, including ulcers, fever, coughs, and arthritis pains. To extract medicine from the plant, it must first be cut up into small pieces and then mixed with milk before being drunk by patients in order to treat diseases effectively and quickly. Creeper medicine works very quickly in healing disease and making the patient feel whole once more.

According to the narrator, Malyali Sadhus treated Krishna when he was suffering from boils on his body and completely cured him by giving him tree bark, which had to be crushed, mixed with duck’s eggs, and consumed daily – an approach which Krishna took with great faith, helping cure any further outbreaks of boils in subsequent years. This treatment had great effectiveness as his boils never returned afterwards.

Kururamma was delighted when she learned of this cure, her golden complexion dwindling a touch and her beautiful lotus-petal shaped eyes lighting up with excitement as she listened intently to what the sage had to say.

Her devotion to Krishna was so deep that she did not care about society’s norms or that this act might land her in hell – her only aim was making Krishna happy through any means possible.

Although she was widowed and childless, this did not prevent her from performing devotional service to Bhagavan. She frequently performed Nama-Sankeertana’, her chanting making her stomach pains vanish and making her feel much better – such is the power of holy love for Bhagavan – it transcends obstacles and cures even serious ailments; through it all she even managed to cure an elderly Brahmin by way of Rama-Tarakam’; eventually this elevated her into Krishna-bhakti as she became one of Bhagavan’s many devotees!

The Duck’s Eggs

Curred duck eggs were more than tasty food; they were also lifesaving to a family struggling to treat their daughter’s severe gut issues and seizures. After trying medications and special diets to address her conditions, they finally discovered an option that provided her with essential nutrition while simultaneously cleansing her system.

As Vaisnavas, we dedicate all food we consume to Krishna with love, turning it into prasadam. If a particular food item such as eggs is not suitable for offering, such as eating them to maintain health concerns instead we avoid it for its potential bad karma effects rather than killing animals outright for human greed.